mallet (plural mallets)

  1. (Tool) A small maul with a short handle, used especially for driving a tool, as a chisel or the like.
  2. (Weapon) A weapon resembling the tool, but typically much larger.
    • 1786: The Mallet of arms, according to the representation of it given by Father Daniel, exactly resembles the wooden instrument of that name, now in use, except in the length of the handle, it was like the hammer of arms, to be used with both hands, indeed it differed very little from that weapon in its form. — Francis Grose, A Treatise on Ancient Armour and Weapons, page 51.
  3. A light beetle with a long handle used in playing croquet.

6 letters in word "mallet": A E L L M T.

No anagrams for mallet found in this word list.

Words found within mallet:

ae al ale all alme alt am at ate ea eat el ell elm elt em et eta la lam lame lat late lea leal leam leat let ma mae mal male mall malt mat mate me meal meat mel mela mell melt met meta metal ta tae tael tale tall tam tame te tea teal team tel tela tell